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On these pages the research group »Research on Teachers and Teacher Education« informs about current and finished research projects.



Orientation Knowledge for Teachers of the Future (OWiss)

Teachers and school administrators should know what they are talking about when they talk about e.g. digitalization, inclusion or sustainability. They need tools and procedures to navigate the increasingly confusing field of educational research, which is characterized by multiperspectivity. In academia, systematic reviews are a common way to maintain an overview. However, little has been done to provide similar tools for teachers in their daily work and to orvide an overview of research results. The innovative potential of the project is therefore to transfer methods for breaking down fuzzy terms and topics in educational science and their results into a webinar, to develop digital tools and to prepare further research overviews. In this way, teachers and school administrators will receive guidance on complex terms and topics and their professional actions will be supported.


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Dr. Colin Cramer is professor of research on teachers and teacher education with special emphasis on subject-matter teaching and learning. He is member of the ›Institute of Education‹ as well as of the ›Tuebingen School of Education‹. His research focusses on systematic and empirical research in the field of education. Special emphasis is placed on the teaching profession, teacher education, and educational leadership.


The aim of the research is to make systematic and basic theoretical as well as empirical contributions to questions of education. Research on teachers and teacher education as a focal point has the aim to understand who teachers and school leaders are, under which circumstances they work and how they can be prepared for their tasks appropriately in initial teacher education as well as in further professional development.

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