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On these pages the research group »Research on Teachers and Teacher Education« informs about current and finished research projects.



Conceptual Systematic Review (CSR)

This project proposes a novel framework for quality systematic reviews by incorporating elements of qualitative content analysis that are often implicitly contained in synthesizing research but are rarely made explicit, naming such a review Conceptual Systematic Review (CSR). The framework outlines a procedure aimed at disentangling term use systematically, preparing systematic reviews, advancing interdisciplinary communication, and offering guidance in tangled fields of scientific discourse. The framework thereby goes beyond mere synthesis of research findings. The proposed methodological framework involves a six-stage procedure aimed at systematically unravelling tangled terms through the deductive–inductive coding of a systematically retrieved literature corpus. Six criteria are introduced through which the framework quality can be made explicit, allowing professional scrutiny and critique. The proposed framework contains three procedural elements; focusing on the steps from heuristics (knowledge about concepts) over classifications (analytically valid concepts) to systematics (analytically valid and empirically founded concepts). It is argued that making these elements explicit is especially relevant in the field of research on teaching and teacher education that often is described as pre-scientific.


Schreiber, F., & Cramer, C. (accepted). Conceptual Systematic Review. Vorschlag einer neuen Methode für die Wissenschaftsforschung. In S. Hofbauer, F. Schreiber & K. Vogel (Eds.), Aktuelle Projekte der Wissenschaftsforschung in der Erziehungswissenschaft. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt.

Schreiber, F., Cramer, C., & Randak, M. (2022). Aufgaben und Verortungen der Fachdidaktik in wissenschaftlicher Literatur. Systematische Annäherung an den Begriffsgebrauch. Beiträge zur Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung, 40(1), 97–110.


Methodologie(n) & Methode(n). Tagung der Kommission Wissenschaftsforschung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (DGfE) im Online-Format: Conceptual Systematic Review. Ein Methodenvorschlag am Beispiel der Bildungswissenschaften. Together with F. Schreiber [presentation] 


Dr. Colin Cramer is professor of research on teachers and teacher education with special emphasis on subject-matter teaching and learning. He is member of the ›Institute of Education‹ as well as of the ›Tuebingen School of Education‹. His research focusses on systematic and empirical research in the field of education. Special emphasis is placed on the teaching profession, teacher education, and educational leadership.


The aim of the research is to make systematic and basic theoretical as well as empirical contributions to questions of education. Research on teachers and teacher education as a focal point has the aim to understand who teachers and school leaders are, under which circumstances they work and how they can be prepared for their tasks appropriately in initial teacher education as well as in further professional development.


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Research – Relevance – Responsibility. Exzellenz in der Lehrerbildung – Etablierung innovativer Strukturen an der Tübingen School of Education (TüSE) wird im Rahmen der gemeinsamen Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung von Bund und Ländern aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung gefördert.

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